Developed by the German manufacturer Egeplast, the SLA Barrier Pipe system prevents the permeation of pollutants into potable water and the environment. While its European version abides by a yellow and green striped exterior, the UK version comes in blue with brown stripes to identify it as multiple layer. Its aluminium barrier enables the best protection to outside contaminants with an impermeable surface and the system’s electrical properties are capable of checking the integrity of the pipe even after installation. It is the only plastic drinking water pipe with global approval for installation in contaminated soil.

The risk of contamination to potable water is much higher in areas near industrial, agricultural, landfill and petrol stations. Due to its unique properties, which are all in accordance with BS EN 12201, the SLA Barrier Pipe system is perfectly suited to these harsher environments with its protective PEplus coating to resist scratches and abrasions.


Westwood Pipelines are able to supply the SLA Barrier Pipe System in dimensions ranging from OD 25mm to 630mm, with coils up to 180mm, and 12m lengths from 90mm to 630mm. Buttfusion welding and electrofusion fittings can also be applied during the installation process. For our latest price list, please view our downloads page or contact us for further information.

SLA Compression Fittings

Working with one of the leading manufacturers of compression fittings, PLASSON. The new SLA compression fittings have been developed to offer a product range, that increases the flexibility of the SLA Barrier Pipe System in sizes – 25mm, 32mm & 63mm, in a lightweight and easy to use plastic product range. Approved to BS8588, the new SLA compression fittings offer a competitive and completely secure method to connect the SLA Barrier Pipe System, supported by PLASSON’s years of expert knowledge & experience. Download our SLA compression fittings brochure here.


An SLA Barrier Pipe system can be installed in a variety of ways, though one of the most frequent is to fit a drinking water and sewage pipe together in a combined line, meaning there is one single-out route. The system can also be used as a black-box installation for horizontal directional drilling, burstlining, relining and soil displacement.

While there are other pipes that work with an open-trench installation, the SLA Barrier Pipe system is also a viable option with and without a sandbed. It should be buried at an adequate depth to prevent the pipe and its protective layers from freezing, specifically in ground that is free of sharp materials and rock.

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