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In our latest blog our National Sales Manager, James Roebuck, highlights the benefits of the latest generation of multi-layered polyethylene pipe systems and explains why they should be the pipe systems of choice for water and sewerage applications.

Providing a host of advantages over pipe systems manufactured from alternative materials, polyethylene pipe systems have become a popular choice for water and sewerage applications over the last 20 years. Today, however, there’s a new generation of pressure rated, skinned (or multi-layered) polyethylene pipe systems which offer additional benefits and which, we would argue, should be the default pipe system of choice. So, what advantages do they provide?

Asset Assurance, Product Life & Peace of Mind

Significant pipe damage negatively impacts the service life of the pipe system being specified something which is particularly important when dealing with water and sewerage applications. Pipes made from polyethylene offer a service life of at least 100 years but, if they’re damaged during installation, this service life may be significantly reduced. For example, if the pipe wall of a SDR11 drinking water pipe is damaged by as much as 20%, the service life could be reduced from 100 years to just 23. In addition, damage to a depth of 10% or more of the pipe wall is deemed to be dangerous.

Skinned pipes by their very nature have an additional protective layer which protects the inner wall of the pipe from scratching, scoring and other damage which can be incurred during the pipe jacking and installation process. However, products such as the

egeplast’s SLM 3.0 PE pipe system provide additional protection against damage during transportation or installation via the application of a modern coating to the pipe’s outer layer or skin which provides extremely high levels of abrasion resistance.

This means specifiers and end users can be confident that there is very little risk of damage to both the outer and inner layers of the pipe, and the life of the pipeline will not be curtailed. In fact, egeplast is so confident about the durability of its skinned pipe systems that we guarantee the life of egeplast skinned pipe products for all trenchless installations.

Simple, Cost Effective Installation Of Skinned Pipes

One of the key benefits of using the very latest multi-layered pipe systems is ease of installation and the resultant cost savings this delivers. Products such as egeplast’s SLM 3.0 system utilise modern coatings technology which means a simple butt welding process can be used to join pipe lengths.

This makes installation an easier and quicker process which in turn makes pipe installation much more cost effective. This is particularly important on major projects such as the network upgrades being undertaken by water companies across the country.

Skinned Pipe Optional Extras

Last but by no means least, by specifying the latest generation of skinned pipe system, specifiers and water companies have the option to add additional functionality to their pipe systems to give them complete peace-of-mind regarding the ongoing performance of their pipe system.

With egeplast SLM 3.0, options include the incorporation of the egeplast 3L Leak Control continuous monitoring system, the inclusion of an additional barrier layer for contamination control or the provision of in-built integrity checking.

So in summary, the latest generation of skinned pipe systems undoubtedly provide significant benefits over single wall and older skinned pipe alternatives in water and sewerage applications, something which is being increasingly recognised across the water and utilities sector.

If you would like to learn more or to obtain project-specific advice, please contact a member of our team on 01427 875770 or message me on LinkedIn (James Roebuck | LinkedIn)

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