egeplast UK are able to offer the full range of polyethylene products for the disposal of sewage. Alongside our clean water systems egeplast are able to support key contractors with standard black PE.

Before the introduction of polymer and PE pipes for sewage in the mid twentieth century, sewer pipes were built using reinforced concrete. The advances in technology over the years has paved the way to new material usage and has given egeplast UK the opportunity to build efficient, long-lasting sewer systems that resist abrasive and aggressive media.

Our non-pressurised piping systems are taken from the range of egeplast products. All of our PE sewer pipes have high resistance to chemicals and are less likely to be damaged in its lifespan by cracks, leaking pipe joints and root penetration. So whether you need a spigot and socket system with the Egeduct or a complete relining of an old sewer system, egeplast UK can ensure that your structure is up to scratch and performing as it should be.

The Egelen® Black PE100 is used specifically with the installation of sewer piping systems, Clean Water above ground and general use. Available from egeplast UK in dimensions between 16mm to 1600mm, it can also be supplied in coils 50m, 100m & 150m up to 180mm OD or straight lengths 6m, 12m as standard.

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Fabricated Fittings & Long Radius Bends

All of the fabricated fittings we produce are specially marked to denote their use and can accommodate non-traditional angles or bends used in large applications within the sewage industry. By creating these bespoke parts for your sewer piping system, it not only gives you satisfaction of the job at hand but it also provides a tighter and improved fit for additional reassurance.

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Electrofusion Fittings

The types of electrofusion fittings used on each pipe will vary depending on the joint needed. By partnering with Georg Fischer and using their electrofusion fittings range in combination with PE pipes means the jointing process is strong, reliable and is carried out with great precision.

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Health & Safety

We provide our customers with confidence in our products for the installation of drainage and sewer piping systems. And as we place such an importance on the dedication to our environmental surroundings, egeplast UK are accredited to ISO 14001 for a high quality EMS, resulting in a much more eco-led future for our industry.

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