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SLM® DCS & DCT Pipe Systems

Pipe systems with built-in pipe integrity testing and damage warning systems

egeplast SLM® DCS and SLM® DCT pipe systems enable operators to monitor the integrity of pipes used for the transportation of drinking water, waste water, gas and sewage. Using electrical continuity testing, it’s possible to identify if damage has occurred during installation and to locate damage to an accuracy of one metre.

Product Benefits & Structure

  • PE 100-RC pipe with a protective layer and integrated conductive strips
  • Enables pipe damage to be quickly detected and located
  • Can be connected to monitoring unit / alarm system
  • Suitable for open and trenchless applications
  • Prevents loss of water, gas or sewage
  • Enables any pipe installation damage to be immediately rectified
  • Eliminates the need for timed pressure tests
  • Can be used to provide damage free installation
  • Guarantees asset integrity

At a glance

ApplicationWater distribution | sewage pipes | transport pipes | industrial piping systems
Target groupsUtility and disposal companies | industrial companies | construction companies
DimensionOD 25 – 1,600 mm
MediumPotable water | gas | wastewater | industrial media
MaterialCore pipe, calibrated and signed, of PE 100-RC (reistance to crack)
Protective layer of modified Polyethylene PE
SDRSDR 17.6 – SDR 7.4 (others on request)
Connection technologyButt welding | electrofusion | mechanical joints
Approvals / StandardsDIN 8074/75; BS EN 12201; EN 1555; DVGW GW 335-A2; PAS 1075
Product limitationsPressure up to PN 16 for water and PN 10 for gas;
For operating pressures beyond that see HexelOne® DCT

Additional Resources

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International Project: Valpolicella, Italy

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