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HexelOne® SLM DCT

High pressure PE Pipe System

A self-reinforced high pressure polyethylene (PE) pipe, HexelOne® SLM has twice the strength of conventional PE pipe. Approved by Cadent, it can be used in applications which have operating pressures above the limits set for standard PE pipe and is a viable alternative to steel pipe systems.

Product Benefits & Structure

  • Self-reinforced PE pipe
  • Cadent approved for gas transportation
  • Twice the strength of conventional PE pipe
  • Permissible operating pressures of 30 bar (water) and 16 bar (gas) and 19 bar in 110mm (gas)
  • Suitable for trenchless applications
  • Pipe lengths up to 145m for less deliveries
  • Can be combination welded in accordance with DVS
  • 100% recyclable
  • DVGW certified for gas and drinking water

System Technology

HexelPress® elbows

HexelPress® flange adapters

HexelPress® transition pieces

HexelPress® couplings

electrofusion couplers

At a glance

ApplicationSupply and sewage pipes | transport pipes | industrial piping systems
Target groupsUtility and disposal companies | industrial companies | construction companies
DimensionOD 90 – 160 mm (further dimensions of up to 630 mm available on request)
MediumPotable water | gas | wastewater | industrial media
MaterialInner layer PE 100-RC (reistance to crack) | PE 100
Connection technologyCombination of butt welding and electrofusion | mechanical joints
Approvals / StandardsDVGW Certification (Potable water: d 90 mm to d 125 mm for the pressure range 30 bar | Gas: d 90 mm to d 160 mm for the pressure range 16 bar); DIN 8074; EN 12201; EN 1555; PAS 1075
Product limitationsOD 160 mm (for water) only up to 25 bar

Additional Resources

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HexelOne® SLM Product Video