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egeSlim Flanges

Slimmer, light weight PE flange adaptor

The egeSlim flange adaptor enables bore size-for-size jointing of PE pipe systems to metal flanges providing faster, safer and more cost-effective installation. The geometry of this flange design eliminates the need to upsize valves or other fittings, providing significant technical and economic benefits. 

Product Benefits & Structure

  • Enables bore size-for-size jointing of PE pipe systems to metal flanges
  • Faster, safer and more cost-effective installation
  • Allows precise flange alignment and easy assembly on site
  • Improved seal performance
  • Increased joint strength
  • Fully end-load bearing
  • Reduced size with same bore as traditional flanges
  • Significantly lighter than conventional PE flange adaptors

Installation / Fitting Options

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Open trench installation without sandbed, ploughing and milling

Open trench installation in sandbed

System Technology

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seamless bends


tapped fittings

flange connections


electrofusion fittings

At a glance

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ApplicationHouse connection pipes | supply and sewage pipes | transport pipes | industrial piping systems | coolant lines
Target groupsUtility and disposal companies | industrial companies | construction companies
DimensionOD 25 – 1,600 mm (from OD 630 mm only with stripe marking)
MediumPotable water | gas | wastewater | industrial media
MaterialPE 100, PE 100-RC (reistance to crack)
SDRSDR 33 – SDR 7.4 (others on request)
Connection technologyButt welding | electrofusion | mechanical joints
Apppovals / StandardsDIN 8074/75; EN 12201; EN 1555; PAS 1075 (RC pipes)
Product limitationsCurrently wall thicknesses up to 100 mm available

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