Yorkshire Water | Leeming Bar Project

560mm & 315mm SDR17 PE100 Pipe


Yorkshire Water is investing in a growth scheme to expand their local water main network. The new water main will enable them to provide additional water capacity for local businesses in the Leeming Bar area and specifically for a major drink manufacturing facility. The scheme will address current water needs and also future proof the water supply network to support commercial, retail and residential development in the area.

egeplast UK was asked to supply a PE100 pipe solution and to work with contractors, United Living to enable a successful open cut and directionally drilled installation.


To create the new water mains required by this project, egeplast UK is supplying 4.75km of 560mm SDR17 PE100 pipe and 1.16km of 315mm SDR17 PE100 pipe. egeplast UK is also providing a range of fabricated fittings which are being made at the company’s UK manufacturing facility.

The egeplast UK team is now working with United Living to ensure the new water main is successfully installed in three different phases: a 4.25km open cut installation of 560mm pipe laid through fields and involving directional drilling for two 100mm x 710mm sleeves across Scurf Beck/Bedale Beck into which the 560mm pipe will be inserted; an open cut installation of 100m x 560mm main along Low Street and connection to the existing 450mm main, and an open cut installation of 1.16m of 315mm pipe along Low Street, directional drilling across the A684 and then the continuation of the open cut installation along a bridlepath in Leases Road to the final connection point.


The project is currently running ahead of schedule and is now due for completion in Spring 2024. Adrian McGrath, Project Delivery Manager at United Living comments:

“The egeplast UK team has supplied us with high quality pipe and fittings which are being delivered direct to site in accordance with the required timescales. They have also provided a very high level of customer service that has been instrumental to the success of this installation.”


  • Complete system which includes pipe, bends, flanges and jointing technology
  • 9010 pipe has a black inner and a blue outer layer for easy damage identification
  • Available with a variety of different external pipe designs
  • Suitable for installation by ploughing and milling
  • Eliminates the need for sandbeds for shorter construction times and less emission