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International Projects

The egeplast range of products has been extensively used in many complex and prestigious projects. The range offers a solution for almost every challenge experienced by our customers around the world. Design decisions are based on product quality and the rigorous requirements set by the end client to ensure we provide high-performance, long-term solutions.

International Project Datasheets

Padania Acque, Italy
9010 PE100

Antwerp, Belgium
SLA® Barrier Pipe

Braubach, Germany
SLA® Barrier Pipe

Kopenhagen, Denmark
SLA® Barrier Pipe

 Giengen, Germany
3L Leak Control

Venice, Italy
SLM® 3.0

Valpolicella, Italy

National Grid, UK
HexelOne® SLM DCT

Berchtesgaden, Germany

Lagonegro, Italy

Nuku-Hiva, French Polynesia
HexelOne® SLM

Ming Hing Waterworks, Hongkong