At egeplast UK, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products at the most competitive prices – it’s why we work with only the best manufacturers across Europe and beyond. But we also understand that between the structural framework and piping systems we supply, there can be defects, repairs and other faults that require immediate attention. By working to your specifications, our highly skilled team can provide products to your exact size with our in-house manufacturing of bespoke fabricated fittings. It means you will always receive the best service, no matter whether it’s a repair job or a brand new piping infrastructure.

Our commitment to innovation and our passion for the trade means we are continuously developing our in-house products to meet the requirements of our customers. Partnering with top manufacturers such as Egeplast and Georg Fischer means we always have a project in the works, so you can rest assured that our ongoing research really makes a difference. A number of our innovative projects are showcased in the recent case studies section.


As a high pressure PE piping system, the HexelOne® is made up of three main components and one additional protective layer of PEplus. With the strong outer layer of PE100, the middle layer of high strength polyethylene and an inner layer from PE100, it’s able to operate at much higher pressures compared to the standard PE pipes. Though primarily used for water and gas, the HexelOne® can also be used for sewage and industrial pipelines, as well as be installed in a trenchless system without their additional protective layer. As a versatile product, egeplast UK are able to deliver lengths of up to 145m, are able to weld via butt fusion and electrofusion techniques, and can supply dimensions from OD 90 mm to 160mm.


As one of our newest products in the market, the EgeClean is a hygienic pipe system used to compliment the Egeplast range at egeplast UK. Available in 63mm to 180mm as standard and in 50m and 100m coil lengths, there are currently three different products we supply. The EgeClean PE100 arrives in PE100 black or blue, the 9010 comes with a PE100 black inner core and a blue external pipe, while the EgeClean Plus version is a PE100 black core pipe with a PE100 blue external skin and brown stripes. The EgeClean pipe system has been tested and approved with a 12 month shelf life! Giving our customers an even greater assurance of water quality after installation.

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3L Leak Detection

Specialising in the Egeplast 3L Leak Control and Detection pipe, egeplast UK can deliver and fit the range from OD 25mm to OD 1200mm. Specifically used to protect the environment, prevent production downtime and alleviate future repair costs, the 3L Leak Control pipe is a highly reliable product with a protective layer of PE Plus to prevent mechanical damage, an intermediate layer of aluminium which acts as a permeation barrier, and an inner layer of PE100 to resist abrasive media. Primarily used for water and wastewater, its unique electronic monitoring unit can sense even the most minor damage to the pipe, resulting in a product that’s both efficient and able to prevent industry losses.


Many pipes throughout the UK are falling into disrepair due to their age, but with the PE100 egeLiner® old pipes can be transformed into a statically new version. The egeLiner® pipe sports a deliberately deformed shape due to its thermomechanical folding and can be fitted into the smallest of spaces, with little environmental impact. Close and tight fittings to the old pipe means egeLiner® can support older systems for up to 50 years and thereafter can be recycled. The egeplast UK team can install the egeLiner® on both water and sewage pressure ranges of up to 10 bar and can supply dimensions from DN100 to 432mm, while also ensuring trenchless rehabilitation for potable water, gas and sewage lines.

DeltaFlex Backing Rings

IPP Deltaflex® flange technology is an innovative, modern, high-performance flange design for HDPE and is adaptable to steel and all thermoplastic piping systems. Deltaflex® production has a low carbon footprint due to the reduction in raw material used, as well as an attractive economic dimension. Deltaflex is designed using Finite Element Analysis methodology to ensure that the stress involved in maintaining flange joint sealing is fully contained.

Emergency Repair Clamps

The Ford Emergency Repair Clamp Kit provides a innovative & proactive approach to pipe repair. Covering 200mm to 700mm pipe diameters (O.D.s), the repair clamp kit prepares any water utility for an emergency situation regardless of pipe size. The stainless steel bands are neatly arranged in a durable case that can be stored in the stores or vehicle, enabling a fast, cost effective temporary or permanent repair.

SIMTAP™ Drilling Machine

The Ford SIMTAP™ is an excellent option for the contractor or utility wanting the flexibility to make a fast and easy tap without pulling out the big machines. The SIMTAP™ drilling machine assembles in seconds and works in conjunction with most ball valves offering full boar tapping. SIMTAP™ is operated by either a pneumatic or electrical 1/2″ drill, operating at low rpms. Most pipeline materials including Ductile Iron can be tapped.


The innovative techniques at egeplast UK aren’t just limited to the products we sell, but also lie within our in-house fabrication production. With a highly skilled team, we can supply fabrications up to 1600mm for your infrastructure.

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