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At egeplast, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. With a long-standing commitment to investment in R&D and the development of industry firsts, we focus on developing innovations which help end users, wider society and, importantly, the installer. Below we highlight five innovations which make installations quicker, easier and more cost effective.

The egeplast SLM 3.0 pipe system

Designed specifically to enable quick and cost effective trenchless installations, egeplast SLM® 3.0 is the latest generation of multi-layered protective piping system. Featuring a protective layer, SLM 3.0 pipe is extremely resistant to abrasion and is robust enough to cope with the high demands placed upon it by trenchless installation. It can be used for new pipe installations and for pipe repair projects. It is also suitable for open trench installation without sandbed, substantially reducing Co2 emissions on-site.

egeslim flanges

Launched at the end of last year, our new range of egeSlim flanges reduce installation costs and make the installation process easier. Enabling bore size-for-size jointing of PE pipe systems to metal flanges, the egeSlim flange also has significant technical and economic advantages because of the geometry of the design which eliminates the need to upsize valves or other fittings.

Towing heads

The design of egeplast towing heads make trenchless installations a quicker and easier process. The eyelet attachment on each towing head is blanked to prevent debris from going through the eyelet and into the pipe. This in turn eliminates the need for installers to clean the inner of the pipe after the drilling process, speeding up installation time. Already popular with water companies, blanked towing heads also substantially reduce the risk of any contamination entering the water supply.

Heat shrink sleeves and installation method

egeplast’s unique heat shrink method makes joining PE barrier pipe an easy process. Installers simply weld the pipe as normal, place egeplast aluminium wrap over the joint, place an egeplast sleeve over the wrap and then shrink the sleeve to create a protected joint This method of installation ensures the aluminium strip within each pipe is protected during the joining and installation process to maintain the barrier integrity against all known contaminants, and has been used in major utility projects across the UK.

The egeplast SLM DCT pipe system

Last but by no means least, when safety is of paramount importance and installers as well as end users need complete peace of mind regarding pipe integrity, the egeplast SLM DCT pipe system is the ideal solution. Developed for use in trenchless applications, the system includes integrated quality testing, giving installers the ability to monitor the condition of the pipe during and immediately after installation. It also provides complete piece of mind for asset owners and clients by providing assurance that the asset is able to deliver the maximum life expectancy.

For more information about any of the systems mentioned above, contact our technical team on 01427 875770. The team are also on hand to answer any project specific questions you may have and to provide guidance regarding the installation of our products.

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