egeplast UK are able to offer the full range of polyethylene products for the transportation of gas. Certified for use in the UK egeplast have successfully provided a number of clients with long lasting pipe solutions.

As the most widely used plastic piping material for the transportation and distribution of gas, polyethylene pipes are perfectly suited to resist abrasive environments with their strength and flexibility. They are designed to be installed as part of an underground system only and can operate at various internal pressures and temperatures, saving the pipes from susceptible damage from condensation.

Continual improvements and innovative designs to PE pipes over the years has given our manufacturers the opportunity to produce them at cost effective rates, whilst adhering to British Standard safety guidelines. At egeplast UK, we use Egelen PE80 yellow and PE100 orange and Egelen gas pipes in accordance with GIS PL2/8 and PL2/2. When it comes to pipe systems, our trusted team can work with you to create the best UK infrastructure possible, meaning you never run the risk of a poor installation.

Service Pipe PE80

Our medium density yellow service pipes come in PE80 for the safe transportation of natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas below ground. egeplast UK are able to supply in sizes 20mm to 63mm and can provide a range of fittings to suit your needs, including standard and reduction couplings, 90˚ Elbows, 90˚ Tees and End Caps. All service pipes can be provided in coils of up to 150m.

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Strictly used with gas piping systems, the Egelen® Yellow PE80 is supplied by egeplast UK in coils of up to 150m in 180mm OD, with pipe dimensions ranging from 20mm to 250mm OD. Standard straight lengths include 6m & 12m.

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Available for gas, the Egelen® Plus PE100 (Skinned) pipe has been selected for use due to its polypropylene skin in order to increase operational safety, improve general handling and provide a faster installation. We can supply the Egelen® Plus pipe in ranges from 63mm to 630mm, with coils available from 63mm to 180mm.

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Fabricated Fittings

All of the fabricated fittings we produce are specially marked to denote their use and can accommodate non-traditional angles or bends used in large applications within the gas industry. By creating these bespoke parts for your gas piping system, it not only gives you satisfaction of the job at hand but it also provides a tighter and improved fit for additional reassurance.

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Electrofusion Fittings

The types of electrofusion fittings used on each pipe will vary depending on the joint needed. egeplast UK are proud to partner with the Swiss-based manufacturer Georg Fischer to bring our customers the full range of Elgef Plus fittings.

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Health & Safety

We provide our customers with confidence in our products for the installation of gas piping systems, as egeplast UK ensure that all products supplied are manufactured in accordance to GIS PL2 & EN1555. For pipes for use at pressures up to 5.5 and 7 bars, all polyethylene pipes and fittings are subject to accordance with the Gas Industry Standards board.

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