Partnered with Georg Fischer to offer the full Elgef Plus range of electrofusion fittings.

Special fittings are used from the Elgef Plus range to weld the joint of two polyethylene pipes, together with their built-in electric heating. Prior to the affixed joint, the pipes are cleaned and inserted into the electrofusion fitting, whereby a voltage is applied from an ECU. It’s this process that allows the built-in heater coils to melt the internal parts of the fitting together with the pipe wall, resulting in the strong, solid joint.

Long Spigot Fittings

– 20mm up to 400mm
– 10Bar and 16Bar Available
– Tees, Elbows (45 & 90Deg), Stub Flanges, Reducers


– 20 to 63mm – Integral clamps
– 75 to 700mm – 16Bar working pressure
– 160 to 500mm – 10Bar working pressure
– 560 to 630mm – 10Bar working pressure

Transition Fittings

– 20 to 63mm
– Male & Female connections
– Can be supplied separately or as a complete kit
– Loose Nut type available
– Available in Brass, Stainless 1.4305 transition ends

Elbows (45 and 90 degree)

– 20mm to 250mm

Equal Tees

– 20mm to 250mm

End Caps

– 20 to 250mm

Branch Saddles

– Available with 110mm to 630mm Saddle size
– Available with 90,110,125mm Branch sizes (subject to saddle size)
– Allows installer to tee off mainline without cutting in a tee section.
– 16Bar Rated

Branch Saddle Modular

– Consists of Branch Saddles with a 63mm outlet
– Connection in to outlet of the following:
• 360Deg Rotating Tapping Tee
• Pipe sections
• Reducers
• Transition fittings
• PE Ball Values
• Value Tapping Tees
– Reduce stock holding – 31 individual parts but over 500 combinations

Non Standard / Specials

  • Stab-in-Tees (Non Pressure) – Extrusion welded Reduced Branch tees.
  • Pre-Fabricated Manifolds – Fabricated Manifolds as per your requirements.
  • Level Invert Tees (Non Pressure) – Extrusion welded Reduced branch tees with a level inverted branch.
  • Level Invert Reducers – Manufactured Level invert Reducers
  • Mitred Angles (Non Standard) – Any Angle manufactured in sizes 90mm up to 630mm.
  • Large Diameter Long Spigot Fittings – Tees, Moulded Elbows, Stub Flanges, Reducers.

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