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We’re proud to have developed Europe’s first barrier pipe more than 30 years’ ago. The egeplast SLA Barrier pipe system is a proven and safe solution for the transportation of clean drinking water through contaminated ground. Its development enabled customers to use a multi-layered polyethylene pipe for the first time in heavily contaminated soil and in applications using open cut and a range of trenchless installation methods by incorporating an aluminium barrier layer.

Originally developed for the industrial greenhouse sector in the Netherlands, the egeplast SLA Barrier Pipe system has fast become the popular choice in Europe and the UK when dealing with contaminated ground applications. The additional aluminium layer eliminates the penetration of hazardous substances and hydrocarbons in below ground applications that could potentially affect clean water.

First Certified by KIWA under their Protection class III standards and manufactured according to PAS 1075, the SLA Barrier Pipe has now been used for more than 30 years in applications all over the world.

Today’s SLA Barrier Pipe system can be supplied in dimensions ranging from OD 25mm to 630mm + and up to 180mm diameter in coils. The system is also available in lengths of up to 12 metres and can be supplied with a complete range of fittings.

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